Frequently Asked Questions

Our milks & upcycled foods are made from all natural ingredients that you can pronounce. We never use any additives, emulsifiers, or refined sugars in our products.

We never use any artificial sweeteners or refined sugars in our products. We use organic maple syrup or dates to sweeten some of our flavored milks, and you have the option to maple or dates to any of our classic fresh milk options.

Our fresh plant-based milk and our upcycled foods have not been formally evaluated for nutritional content.

You bet! Our fresh milks & upcycled foods are made from nuts, seeds, grains, and other plant ingredients. We are totally and 100% vegan!

Yes. We do not use soy or gluten in any of our products.

The quick answer - We make each bottle fresh, and we use more of the good ingredients!

To go into a little more detail - Making plant-based milk the right way is expensive. We maintain a raw perishable product, we pay a premium to source only pesticide-free organic ingredients, and we use advanced cold-pressing technology. Unlike most of the plant-based milk out there, our product is cold-pressed and bottled in glass. Moreover, our nut milks have a significantly higher percentage of nuts than grocery store brands. To make up for this lack of real ingredients, other companies use flavor enhancers, preservatives, and additives. As an example, our almond milk contains 12% almonds. This may not seem like a lot at first, but most almond milks in the grocery store contain a mere 2-4% almonds. They use oils, sugar, and other additives to improve the flavour and texture!

At Nuthatch we are committed to making fresh products because we believe that fresh tastes better and is better for you! For this reason, we do not pasteurise our product or add any chemicals or preservatives to extend shelf life.

Our plant-based milk is fresh, which means it hasn’t undergone the harmful process of pasteurisation. Pasteurisation involves heating and consequently destroying many of the important vitamins and minerals present in the raw, unadulterated product. And just like the taste of fresh orange juice versus the boxed stuff at the store - fresh just tastes better!

Separation is completely natural and normal. When separation happens, the dense nut matter is separating from the water. This separation is due to the purity of the product – there are no chemicals or artificial ingredients added to stop this from happening. All you need to do is give the milk a quick shake, and voila! It is good to go!

Yes, it is a fresh product with no preservatives or additives. It should be stored between 33 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal shelf life.

Please return your clean and empty glass bottles for credit on your next order!

We make all our fresh milks and upcycled food products right here in our kitchen in NYC!

You can (we’ve tried it at home), but we cannot guarantee the shelf life of frozen product. We recommend not freezing in glass to avoid bottles breaking. Make sure to leave some room in whatever container you use. Since milk is mostly water, it expands when frozen.

We will deliver to your home during the time window you selected at checkout through our website. You must be present to receive your order or live in a building with a doorman and refrigerator where your milk can be stored until you return home.

At Nuthatch, we try to make living a plant-based life as easy as possible. That's why we offer a convenient subscription program that delivers your favorite Nuthatch plant milks and upcycled products straight to your doorstep every week. Just pick your items, we'll worry about the rest! PLUS: You save 10% on every order. Learn more about our subscription program here.

Yes, a Nuthatch subscription does mean a recurring charge on your credit card.  Subscriptions require a commitment of 4 deliveries within 8 weeks of ordering. You can cancel or change your upcoming order by emailing, texting, or logging into your account. The change will apply to your next order as long as you do so before 10pm two days prior to your delivery day.