Nuthatch Sustainability Report | Nuthatch

Nuthatch Sustainability Report

We are excited to be publishing our inaugural sustainability report! While our company has always taken great pride in our focus on sustainability, this report formalizes our commitments to our environmental, social, and economic goals. After our rebrand last year in November, we hope this report showcases everything that makes us...Us! This transformational period has allowed us to re-focus on what matters most to our company. We are so excited to share our accomplishments and goals with you! In order to create this report, we partnered with an inquisitive group of graduate students at Columbia University to document our sustainability...

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How to use Maple Walnut Flax Milk | Nuthatch

How to use Maple Walnut Flax Milk

Wondering how to use your Maple Walnut Flax Milk? Luckily for you, the possibilities are endless! Below are just a few ideas on how to pour, mix, and create with this milk. Everything we made was with a quart (32oz) of our Maple Walnut Flax - and we even had some to spare!    In your regular coffee   This one's pretty self explanatory! Pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee (hot, cold brew, whatever you like!) and add in as much Maple Walnut Flax milk as your heart desires. There's no wrong way to do this one! The milk gives...

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A Simple Guide to Walnut Milk | Nuthatch

A Simple Guide to Walnut Milk

Here at Nuthatch, we’re nuts for walnuts! They are a nutritious, super source of omega-3’s (higher than any other nuts), and they’re also extremely versatile. Walnuts can be consumed as a snack, used as toppings on desserts, thrown into salads, or even made into milk. Being makers of fresh plant-based milks ourselves, we noticed there isn’t much out there about what walnut milk can be used for, or what its flavor profile is like.   Luckily, we can provide some insight.   So, what does walnut milk taste like? The actual nut itself has a distinctly strong taste, so, you...

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Hello March 👋 | Nuthatch

Hello March 👋

We are welcoming the new month with a burst of brightness and warmth! We see March as the month of gradual change and optimism, full of wonderful new beginnings. In case you didn’t know, Daylight Savings begins March 13th (less than 2 weeks from now)! Before you know it, there will be brighter, warmer, and longer days ahead. Something we all look forward to, right!?  Although spring comes at the end of the month, entering March feels like the start of a new season. Throughout the month, flowers and trees just begin to awaken. Life essentially begins to flourish in...

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