Matcha Milk Cubes (or any other flavor!)

Matcha Milk Cubes (or any other flavor!) - Nuthatch

Our fresh plant-based milks have a 6-day shelf life. This is because it’s made with only the simplest, freshest ingredients!

Our vegan milks are completely unpasteurized and have no added preservatives, to make sure you get more of all the good stuff (nutrients) and less of all the bad stuff (additives that you find in most supermarket dairy alternatives). Remember - all fresh food goes bad - from oranges to arugula. You wouldn’t want to eat a freshly prepared salad after it’s been sitting in your fridge for a week! It’s not natural for food products to be able to sit on a shelf in room temperature for 6 months and still taste the same. 

It’s a rare occasion that your Nuthatch bottle isn't empty within 6 days (because it’s just THAT good.) However, the last thing on Earth we would want is for your fresh milk to go bad. If you have milk that is approaching its best by date, consider making milk cubes! They’re the best for smoothies and creamy iced lattes. 



All you have to do is pour your fresh plant-based milk into an empty ice tray and freeze! Take out the cubes the next morning for a cold, milky treat. 

Pictured above are cubes made from our Matcha Oat Milk. Add them to a glass and top with a fresh matcha shot to make a variation of an iced matcha latte! 

Seriously - all our milk flavors make delicious milk cubes. Consider ordering matcha, coffee, or horchata reishi just for the cubes they make! You won’t be disappointed. 

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